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AlBanna Almutamyz Establishment for Customs Clearance and Transport Services

AlBanna AlMutamayz Est for Customs Clearance and Transportation Services,
It was established in 1979 AD, with clearance license number one (1) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is considered one of the leading institutions in the field of customs clearance and transportation in the Kingdom, in addition to a lot of support services such as storage and transportation across the Kingdom within our vehicles.

AlBanna AlMutamayz Est is one of the first customs clearance office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we provide our customers with the best clearance and transportation services with high quality and speed.

AlBanna AlMutamayz Est for customs clearance and transportation depends on a set of principles, the most important of which are:

1 - Taking care of the safety of the goods and following them up from their arrival at the specified port until delivery to the warehouse of our customers.

One of our top priorities when providing our services is to maintain the safety of goods and consignments and deliver them to customers quickly and professionally, in their original condition that they arrived in without any loss or damages.

2 - Fair competition in business and prices.

Our policies in the work of customs clearance, transportation and storage to maintain the provision of services to the highest standards of ideal recognized and developed continuously to suit the development of your business in the Saudi market, including the provision of services at reasonable prices and competitive to the labor market.

3 - Honesty and credibility in dealing.

We, the  AlBanna AlMutamayz Est, are keen on customs clearance and transportation with complete confidence and transparency and to maintain them through several standards, including:

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1- Accuracy in deadlines and compliance with the deadlines for submitting transactions to customs authority.
2 – The existence of daily reports to clarify the status of transactions until finishing the shipment.

3- A system for tracking the shipments from the time they are delivered to the office until they reach the customer warehouse/destination.
4- Maintaining confidentiality of information and records of shipments related to clients and their transactions.
5- Providing updated information to clients regarding customs clearance, transportation and storage.

4 - Satisfying our customers.

One of the main objects of AlBanna AlMutamyz Est is the maintenance of strong ties and good working relationships with customers based on mutual trust over the years.

Work methodology

Our work methodology is based on continuous communication with all our customers with full transparency and our keenness to provide all means and effort to ensure the best service is provided in the fastest time, provide high quality services and work to respect the customer’s privacy and provide all means of full support for him. Therefore, AlBanna AlMutamyz Est is the best choice for all importers in the Kingdom.

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We, the  AlBanna AlMutamyz Est enjoy a wide and Complete transportation system…

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We seek to satisfy our customers by providing customs clearance and transportation services with high speed and efficiency.


Al Banna Almutamyz Est. works for customs clearance and transport to be the best choice in providing the best customs clearance and transport services with high professionalism and the highest standards of quality and safety.


AlBanna Almutamyz Est

309, Basurah Centre, Al-Hindawya Dist., Jeddah

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